Specialty Lawyer Practice Web Design Project

brent simon lawyer 768x522 - Specialty Lawyer Practice Web Design Project

Its always challenging to come up with a design/layout for narrow niche type small business web sites. When I say challenging, it doesn't mean we can't do it. Besides, a challenge is good for everyone once in a while. Brent Simon, PA runs an Eminent Domain Law Firm that provides services to the entire State of Florida. Doing some quick keyword research on "Eminent Domain" and we can see there is not a lot of queries each month for the term, in fact it's under 100,000.

eminent domain keyword - Specialty Lawyer Practice Web Design Project

The goal for this client was to build a website that is user friendly, and that contained all the SEO Fundamentals that other web designers were not performing. When planning your next lawyer web design project keep CodeBeasetMode in mind!

Technologies Used

  • WordPress   (Custom Theme  , Custom Plugin  )
  • MySQL  , PHP  
  • SEO Friendly Content   (Facebook  , Twitter  )
  • HTML  , CSS  , jQuery  

Areas of Specialty

  • Specialty Lawyer Web Design Services
  • Eminent Domain Lawyer Web Design
  • Specialty Business Web Design

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