Pest Control Company Web Design

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Responsive design is when you have a website that will basically "resize" automatically to any size screen. So the same website can be viewed on a mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. That is what we laid out for PestCSS - a responsive web design that is SEO Friendly while still being easy to update. The customer previously used Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting to design and build their site, the result was a site that was not SEO Friendly, and definitely did not look good on multiple devices.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress   (Custom Theme  , Custom Plugin  )
  • MySQL  , PHP  
  • SEO Friendly Content   (Facebook  , Twitter  )
  • HTML  , CSS  , jQuery  

Areas of Specialty

  • Pest Control Company Design
  • Extermination & Pest Control Designs
  • WordPress Development
  • SEO Optimized Coding

What type of web design can you create for my company?

We create top of the line, custom web sites for all types of industries.

Our search engine friendly web design and techniques ensure your website ranks high in the SERP and turns web site visitors into sales, leads and conversions.

If you don't see your industry or type of business listed above, that does not mean we can't design a custom web design package to meet your needs. It just mean's we can't list every type of business on this page!  Contact Us