We offer many different types of WordPress Design & Development services to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of web developers can handle any type of request related to WordPress development and design. One of the most important aspects of WordPress is to make sure everything is up to date. If your WordPress installation is out of date, it can cause security issues, Internet browser compatibility issues, and issues related to WordPress plugins and/or themes.

WordPress Installation Services

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We offer WordPress Installation Services to get your web site blog setup. Our WordPress Installation service is enough to get your web site working properly. Having your WordPress installed by a professional ensures that you get the latest version, and depending if you are using a WordPress theme or not, it ensures the theme is installed properly. WordPress installation can be tricky if you are not familiar with setting up a MySQL database and using FTP. Some WordPress plugins require additional setup steps, which is what our service covers. We make sure everything, from your Themes, Plug-ins and core WordPress files are all setup 100%. Call us for more information on our WordPress Installation Services!

Install WordPress into a New Web Hosting Server

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Are you installing WordPress on a new server?, we can move your WordPress installation to a new web hosting server with virtually no downtime of your website.

Moving your WordPress Installation is 100% safe when you use CodeBeastMode

  1. We ensure your new hosting can support WordPress
    • We can provide web site hosting
    • If hosting is not compatible, we provide consulting.
  2. We backup your WordPress Files & MySQL Databaase
  3. We backup images, video’s and other custom files
  4. We ensure all plug-ins & Themes are compatible
  5. Setup DNS & other hosting settings
  6. Move old files to new server
  7. Setup new database and import old data
  8. Test functionality of new WordPress Installation
  9. Provide a link for you to download your backed up data
    • We can setup a more permanent WordPress backup solution for you

WordPress Plugin/Theme Update Services

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Out of date themes and plug-ins can cause issues with your website. For instance, a popular image re-sizing plug-in, TimThumb recently was the target of a security breach that could potentially lead to your company website being hacked. Utilizing our WordPress Plugin/Theme update services will ensure your website is safe and secure! It will also ensure you have the latest WordPress theme and plugin files for maximum web site efficiency.

WordPress Custom Programming

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Another WordPress Development Service we offer is custom programming. Lets face it, sometimes the WordPress plugin you purchased, or the new WordPress Theme you installed is not an exact fit for your companies needs. That’s where WordPress Custom Programming comes in to play. We offer two types of custom programming, basic custom programming and advanced custom programming, we determine which is needed by the client depending on the level of work that needs to be done. Of course we offer Free Consultations for all our work, so there is never any hidden fee’s in our services.

WordPress Diagnostic Services

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Are you seeing the message, “Error Establishing Database Connection.” on your WordPress site? CodeBeastMode.com’s WordPress Diagnostic Services are great for determining what is wrong with your company WordPress site. We can diagnose and then fix pretty much any type of error or issue you are having. First we backup the data on your site, load all the files on to our own development server and then diagnose the issue. We can narrow down the issue usually within 2-3 hours, afterwards we will give you a detailed report of our findings, and an estimate for how much it will cost to fix the problem. Whether or not you want to fix the WordPress problem yourself is totally up to you!

Why your company needs WordPress:

WordPress is a very valuable asset to web designers. WordPress is currently developed by a community of web design volunteers that ensure everything about this content management (CMS) platform is flexible and dynamic. CodeBeastMode uses WordPress as our main CMS when developing websites for clients.

Our clients love the look and feel of their new website when it is built using WordPress. It allows for easy management of content that lets even the most beginner user add/create/edit new pages, add blog posts or newsletters, manage text and pictures or video. It truly has a unique user experience. If you ever get stuck using WordPress, they provide an extensive documentation which outlines and goes into depth how to do just about anything in WordPress.

Wordpress Development

When a client wants to do something on their web page, WordPress has the ability to increase its functionality by downloading and installing plugins. There is basically a WordPress plugin for everything, including image galleries, Facebook feeds, Flickr photo gallery, Google Analytics installation and a whole lot more.