Why your business blog should not be on BlogSpot.com

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Just so you know, some people think that its easier to just use a free blog site like Google’s Blogger, but here are a few reasons why a Business Should NOT Use a FREE Blog Hosting Site like Blogger. Especially if you have your own domain.

CodeBeastMode uses WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS), or fancy word for web 2.0 blog software.  But there are reasons that you should not use a Free Blog hosting site such as Google’s Blogger and here is why!

Top Reasons Why YOUR Business Blog Shouldn’t Be on BlogSpot.com

  • Google is huge, wait….Google is the largest internet company on the face of this planet.  They do not need the help with your traffic.  So lets assume that you have a company website, hopefully you do, especially if you are reading this.  If you don’t have a company website, go here.  Your company website is probably hosted on some type of hosting service that you pay for, and you have your own domain…right?  (example….www.yourcompany.com…)  By hosting your company blog on a subdomain (http://yourcompany.blogspot.com) you are basically depriving your primary website an kind of real search engine optimization.  You are only providing SEO to Google’s BlogSpot.com service.  And if you are like me, envious of Google, you should know that Google does not need any help ranking high on search engine results page.  Even if you are not ready to switch blogging platforms (from free to own hosting) then at least go out and register yourself a “real” domain .  At least you will have your domain ready for your business when you do decide to get a company website.
  • Domain Lock-in:  Savvy tech people will tell you that the right way to move a website, webpage or even a blog is by doing a “301 Permanent Redirect”.  What this means is that you setup a clean forwarding address from your old site to the new site.  If you do a 301 Permanent Redirect, you will not, I repeat WILL NOT lose any of your hard earned SEO work you have accomplished while posting to your blog.  We just did a domain name rebrand for a lawyer’s website, their old website, “321Paul.com” was not really getting the keyword traffic that we wanted.  So we ended up buying a more keyword rich domain name, “TheFloridaAccidentLawyers.com” – Upon doing this, CodeBeastMode was poised to do a 301 Permanent Redirect on the website.  Just go to Google and type in “321Paul.com” and see what search results pop-up. This is the direct result of the redirect I am telling you about.
  • Transfer of Data:  If you are this far into this post, and you are already thinking of switching from a free blog hosting system to your own private domain, then now is the time.  BlogSpot.com does not play friendly with data transfer.    There is no automatic process of moving all of your blog postings from BlogSpot.com to a privately hosted blog like WordPress installed on your hosting platform.
  • Its weak!  Sure, it might be fine for you, but if you let a company like CodeBeastMode or any other type of CMS Management company that will offer to setup your blog with really cool features. You will quickly see that BlogSpot.com cannot be compared to the resources and customization of a blogging system like WordPress.org.  Go to their  plug-ins page and type in SEO, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr ,etc.. or their most popular plug-ins page and just look at what you can do! Team this up with all the cool WordPress themes , and you got yourself a high quality money making machine!  Plus you can get a lot more search engine optimization rankings out of a custom setup from WordPress.  CodeBeastMode will help you every step of the way in setting up your blog, we even provide training or assistance after the blog is setup so you can get the most out of it.


  • Extremely useful. I love the way you write. I will not host my blog on blogspot after reading this. Awesome!

  • I loved this article!!! Appreciation!

  • EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much!

  • Brian says:

    My blog isn’t really a business blog, but I did start on Blogger/Blogspot.

    When I was on Blogger, I had no idea what the possibilities of switching to WordPress self-hosted was.

    After I made the switch (and basically abandoned everything I did on Blogger without even bothering to migrate anything), I never went back.

    With Blogger, if someone can’t afford a full hosting service or don’t know how to use one, they could just point a custom domain to Blogger. Even if its still using Blogger, its using their own domain, which instantly makes everything look much more professional.

    • Great comment Brian. Yes Blogger/Blogspot does have its advantages and disadvantages. This article is for clients/business owners who want to attract traffic to their site. Not to Google’s site! Also, in terms of search engine optimization, you are going to want to host your blog on your own domain/hosting account.

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