Use Twitter to Improve SEO

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Twitter is a micro-blogging platform I am sure you are all aware of. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you must be living under a rock.  You can use Twitter for social media marketing and for SEO. Twitter can add results to your current SEO strategy and definitely does not deserve to be overlooked. If you already have Twitter for your business, and utilize it for social media marketing, but you are not seeing results, check out “signs twitter might not be working for your business” blog article we wrote a few months back.

If you are ready to start using Twitter to improve your SEO, then continue on to the rest of the article. We will cover a variety of topics including, Brand Name, Profile, Links, Hash Tags, Mentions, Helping others, Tweets Interval, Your Blog Page, Twitter Buttons and Building your online brand.
Build Company Twitter Account -

Twitter Username = Brand name

You want to create a Twitter username that speaks directly to your customers about your brand name. For instance, we use, @CodeBeastMode as our Twitter username. It’s easily accessible by typing “” into any browser, and it helps SEO our site because our name is right in the username, and on the Twitter URL. You want to stake your claim on your Twitter username as soon as possible. Even if you don’t plan on using Twitter for SEO in the immediate future, people are signing up for this large social networking site by the millions, so you don’t want to lose out. Using your Brand Name as your Username also helps when your potential prospects are performing a Twitter Search, they can easily find your account, and follow your tweets.

Twitter Profile / Bio

Every Twitter account features a Profile and Bio section on the members page. This is where you want to get creative and definitely put your company URL in this area. This will create a backlink to your page that your Twitter followers / potential prospects can click and be taken to the page you insert here. Generally your company home page URL would be put here, but if you wanted to create a special Twitter landing page that has offers / discounts for people that find your company through Twitter, that is acceptable too. Also feel free to do some keyword research and analysis, using Google Adwords, or KeywordSpy perhaps, and make yourself a nice little “Bio” area that uses highly ranked keywords that fit into your companies criteria. Don’t look like you are using your Twitter account just for marketing though and make this Bio personable. If you need help, you can always contact us and we can write the content for you. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a professional SEO Company write content for you, because we know how to analyze and research the keywords necessary for increased search engine rankings.

Twitter Links

Google displays Twitter Links in the SERPS page now, even though they are NOFOLLOW links, they can still aide in linkbuilding campaigns, and getting traffic to your website.

Hash Tags (#webdesign, #seo)

Hash tags on Twitter is a feature that basically functions like Meta data for your tweets. These are tweets that start with the “#” symbol and can be included in front of words you want to organize and trend on twitter

Twitter Mentions

You’ve probably seen it a million times if you are a regular Twitter user, its the “@” symbol. You place the “@” in front of another users Twitter name and it creates a reply or mention of that user. You can use mentions to share links and other information on Twitter. If a new user follows you, send them a mention/reply and say something like “@”UserName – thanks for following me, check out my website at . This lets the person that just followed you know that you are a live person, maintaining your Twitter account!

Tweet Interval

You don’t want to keep tweeting and tweeting and tweeting, without taking a breather in between. This will cause the people that do follow you to ignore your updates, which would cancel out the whole SEO strategy incorporating Twitter. Try to limit your tweets, if you are tweeting deals on products you sell, limit them to every few hours to once a day. Leave some room in between.

Your Blog Site

Twitter can be used to promote your company blog site. You can post blog articles on your site, and then have them automatically tweeted using various Twitter tools. These are great for keeping things low maintenance. If your blog article is interesting enough, people will re-tweet them!

Twitter Button

Add a twitter button to your website , it lets people share content from your website to their twitter accounts! Its a great tool that can boost links, traffic, SEO and social media marketing all in one little package!

Building your online brand with Twitter

Twitter does not just help your SEO, it can help build your company online brand. By creating professional Twitter user account pages, writing great content on your Twitter page, and then having people share content from your website, using a Twitter button, and also having users re-tweet content, you are on your way to building a reputable online brand. This shows users you actively engage in the online world, and that your company is up to date with technology. Twitter is also accessible from mobile phones through several APPS, no matter if its an iPhone or Google Android phone, there are Twitter apps. Imagine the possibilities just by creating a Twitter account for your business. We specialize in all these things and can definitely get your company started. Just contact us and we will get back to you ASAP regarding your company Twitter account.