SEO from your Laptop

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We all know that search engine optimization is basically an uphill battle, especially if your niche market is saturated with your competitors.  Yes, I am talking about Lawyers.  I mean, they have the most cut throat market.  Their internet marketing team is usually just as large as the amount of lawyers they have working in their office.  I used to work on an SEO team in a law firm and it was not fun, but I learned a lot.  If you do SEO yourself, and some business owners do, then you may already have one of your best tools in your office.  Your laptop.  The best strategy for SEO is hiring an Internet Marketing Company and a combination of  doing a little SEO yourself this will give you the best return on your investment.  The more the better.  Seriously.  By this point you should already have at least a YouTube, Facebook and Twitter account.  Which either you or your SEO company is managing for you.  Another great way to boost SEO is start utilizing social bookmarking sites like and These are mainstream social bookmarking sites that allow you to find, share and save website that you found while browsing the Internet.


Stumble Upon is a social bookmarking service that allows its users to sign up for a free account and save their favorite websites to share with friends and other people interested in the same types of websites.


Delicious was purchased by Yahoo! and is another form of social bookmarking service that users can use if they have a Yahoo! account to share their favorite websites with friends and other people interested in the same type of websites.

So what does this have to do with SEO and my laptop?  How can I utilize a social bookmarking website for my SEO strategy. Well hopefully you have hired an SEO company that creates unique content for your blog or company website.  Maybe this SEO company manages your Twitter, FaceBook or other social network profiles.  Well you can use a social bookmarking site to bookmark your blog postings, FaceBook pages and other pages created by the SEO company. You can utilize your laptop because it’s portable.  Take it with you on business trips or lunches you might spend by yourself and use your free time to boost your SEO strategy.   You would be surprised what you could do with 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing want to see that your website’s content is fresh and being shared across multiple platforms such as social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and video publishing sites.  These three platforms, updated a few times a week, will in no time put you in the top of the search engine results page. can manage your social networking profiles and we specialize in FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace.  We create unique content for your website, company social networking profiles and more.  Let us mange your content by using keyword rich articles to boost your SEO.  When it comes to search engine optimization, we are your company! Contact us today for a free consultation.  Be sure to include your current website so we can start our research immediately.