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This article is going to show you five overlooked aspects of search engine optimization. As
an SEO Professional we are constantly performing various SEO tasks for our clients,
whether it be on-page optimization, social media marketing ,
or SEO Copywriting, there are SEO techniques that can be overlooked by someone who does not
practice SEO on a daily basis. SEO is an on-going process and these techniques don’t need to be done daily, that would be for another article, “SEO Daily Process Checklist”. Which we will be writing in the days to come. These SEO techniques are often overlooked and do play a significant role in the SEO process.

The first SEO process that is often overlooked involves Google. The sad thing is that most professional SEO companies only focus their efforts on Google. What this leads too is a couple thousand pages that are indexed in Bing or Yahoo! and about ten times as much indexed in Google.

The best SEO companies will spread their efforts into at least three major search engines and incorporate a social media marketing strategy as well. When searching for a SEO company in Google, it’s often better to search for “Company Branding Specialist” then just “SEO Company”.
Google SEO Company


Most SEO Professionals don’t realize that Microsoft Bing’s search engine has difficult SEO Professional companydiscovering content on it’s own. That is why when we sell SEO to our clients, our agreement and strategy comes pre-loaded with Yahoo!, Bing and Google. We create a Bing Webmasters Tool account,  as well as a Yahoo! Site Explorer account and of course the standard Google Webmaster Tools account.


The second SEO aspect that is overlooked is over-saturating your title tags. Yes it is important to include keywords in your title tag, but you can go overboard too.  How do I know if I am going overboard on my Title Tags? This is a good question. The best thing to do is to make your Title Tags (and other meta tags) relevant to the content on your site.
We wrote a good article explaining the Proper Use of Meta Tags a few months back, it’s a good read., an SEO based Internet search engine, provides a great Meta Tag Analyzer SEO Tool.

Meta Tag Analyzer Tool for SEO Using teh Meta Tag Analyzer tool, enter your URL (domain name), and the press the “Process URL” button. You will then be able to analyze various metrics including the relevancy of your Title Tags.
This will help you keep your Title Tags at the proper length, and relevant to the text content on the page in question.

The third SEO aspect that is often overlooked involves your tool chest of SEO tactics. People tend to focus on a few SEO tactics that may or may not be working for them. They limit themselves to only
a few SEO tactics without expanding their horizon. The more SEO techniques you involve in your website, or your clients websites, the better! You can’t get enough of good quality SEO. Don’t venture into the world of
BlackHat SEO tactics, as that will penalize your search engine rankings. There are many SEO Blogs out there to get you heading in the right direction, and there is always
room for learning. So keep practicing and document the techniques you are using and the new ones you are learning!

Linking is often the most overlooked aspect of SEO and can provide you with some of the best SEO results possible. There is a fine line however of how many links you should have on your web pages and hopefully
we can sort that out now. Websites today have a top navigational bar, maybe a side navigational bar, and most of the time a footer navigational bar. This can result in a ton of links on each one of your web pages. Most SEO professionals
will tell you that Google only counts each link one time. This has been found not to be true, but diluting the links can decrease the value that Google puts on to the pages you are linking too. This can make your pages less “valuable” in the
eyes of Google’s search crawler, and diminish your efforts to SEO a particular web page. Try to thin out the depth of your links, this can add value to your SEO and improve crawl rates and efficiency for your web page navigation!

Don’t give away your unique content! is the next on the list of SEO techniques that are often overlooked. If you are writing unique content for your website,
don’t distribute it across syndication sites such as Blog or Article sites. This can cause duplicate content problems for Google and other search engine crawlers scanning your site.
Try to keep your good content on your site, and write different content to distribute to the various syndication sites. There is nothing wrong with sharing a blog article with another blog site,
just make sure you re-write the article so it doesn’t appear to be duplicate content.

The main focus of this article was to remind people of the basics of SEO. This list was created by watching some of our clients and employee’s performing SEO and then checking on what they were overlooking.
If you see anything you want to add to the list let us know.


  • brad camry says:

    This can cause duplicate content problems for Google and other search engine crawlers scanning your site. Some times these all are very helpful.

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    Nice Post..This overlooked aspects of search engine optimization is useful aspects to improving or optimizing the site in Google..