How to Write an Effective Article

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DrVs6cl - How to Write an Effective Article

If you don’t know this by now, you should. Content is King. That’s right! Google, Yahoo! and Bing all know this and  use it to index website’s on their Search Engine Results Page  (SERP).  The sooner you find out how important unique content is on your website, the sooner you will get top listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing when it comes to your search engine optimization plan.

Well in order to write an effective article, I am going to provide you with  Basic Tips to Writing an Effective Article.

  • The first paragraph of your article should clearly state what the article is about.  A proper journalist, or content creator (we offer Content Creation / Management) will ask themselves and then answer in their article, Who – What – Where – When – Why.  Answering these questions is the first step to effective article writing. does provide content creation, blog maintenance, wordpress blog writing services and more.

Organize the Material

content writing - How to Write an Effective Article

Next step of writing an effective article is to organize the material and information you have gathered in order to write your article.

Before writing an effective article you need to organize the topics your article is going to cover.

  • Write in a simple style and do not try to overcome the reader with to much information
  • Explain your topics and points in short paragraphs.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell them everything, share your secrets about your company and how you do business
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    • Those are the top performing words for a Tampa Website Design & Search Engine Optimization company.

Give good examples and offer personal experiences to back up facts that you are effectively writing about.

I know it sounds stupid but seeing is believing. Ok, so I think you get the point right? These company’s paired with these keywords have effective search engine optimization ratings.  They are on the first page of Google. Contact us today so we can get you on the first page of Google or write an effective article for your wordpress blog.