Does your content rank well in search engines?

Some website designers just don’t understand how to write for search engines.  That is why we provide SEO Copywriting services.  We know how to design and develop websites and write the content that search engines like.  Our SEO Copywriting services create keyword rich, niche targeted content that will make your website rank higher in search engines.  SEO Copywriting does not just include writing the content that your users read, it includes keyword research and analysis, competition research and analysis and Meta Tag analysis.

Why our SEO Copywriting Services Work

Like we said earlier, we don’t just write content and slap it on your website, company blog or social networking accounts.  We research the keywords and keyword phrases that go into the content we write! Whether you need one page of content, or content for your entire site or blog, contact us for an free quote.

Where do I need SEO Copywriting Services?

  • Company Websites
  • Company Blog Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Networking Profiles
  • Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Conversion Pages
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages

SEO Copywriting Services we offer:

  • General SEO Content Creation
  • Researched SEO Content w/ References
  • Researched SEO Product Descriptions w/References
  • Blog Content Management – Blogger, WordPress, etc

Our Services also include:


  • Content Marketing
  • Article Syndication, through RSS and Google FeedBurner
  • Blog Marketing and Syndication, Technorati

We know you want more than just top search engine positions. Our [highlight] SEO Copywriting services[/highlight] can get you the website conversions your company needs for a higher return on investment (ROI). Web content copy writers will provide you with unique content to use on your website, blog, product description pages, services provided pages, FaceBook, Twitter, Myspace accounts and more. Our professional copy writing is very affordable. Search engines do not index websites that have duplicate content. Your website will actually be ranked lower on the search engine results page (SERP) if your website content was duplicated, copied, or copy and pasted from another website.

The only way to create unique content for your company website, or blog is to have an actual human write the content for you. The unique content writers at are highly trained in the field of Search Engine Optimization and will write content targeted to your niche by researching top keywords and keyword phrases that are needed to optimize each article. Your business may already have a person who writes content, but on the web you need a copywriter who understands the ins and outs of SEO and how to write for search engines. We know how to write keyword rich content for websites while keeping it relevant to your business, product or service – without making it boring for your clients.

Why Custom Content?

Fresh, unique content can establish a Google PageRank and authority for your website. Unique content can improve your rankings on the search engine results page. Our content writing services improve organic SEO rankings.


If you still have questions about SEO Copywriting, here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand our services.

How are you qualified?

All of our content writers are English speaking, SEO writing professionals. In order to write unique content for a clients website, each one of our SEO copywriters have to possess at least one semester of a college level English Composition class. There are other SEO Copywriting company’s based in other countries that use underpaid, under educated people to “mass” produce sloppy content. We take time creating each article, description, blog posting or content for your website. We carefully research each of the keywords or key-phrases that will be used in creating your SEO article, and make sure that the content we write is relevant to your business. Beware of SEO copy-writing companies that are not based in the USA. Our main location is in New Port Richey which is roughly 30 miles north of Tampa, Florida.

What types of content do you provide?

We hire writers that have diverse interests and expertise, this allows us to write unique content for a variety of topics. If you need unique content for product descriptions, blog postings, website content, how-to articles, online tutorials, buying guides, or even case studies – we can provide that for you.

What does SEO Content, SEO Copywriting, Unique Content mean?

At this point you should already know what Search Engine Optimization is, SEO content writing takes SEO a step further by using SEO techniques to write keyword / keyword phrase rich content. Just as I did with the previous sentence. Here is how that one sentence breaks down:


  • SEO – used 4 times (includes Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content – used 2 times
  • Write – used 2 times (includes “writing”)

Now combine those 3 words together and can get a few keyword phrases out of that one sentence, SEO Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization Writing, Writing SEO Techniques, SEO Keyword, SEO Key-phrase, etc… all of those phrases and keywords come out of 30 word sentence – if you notice, that sentence also contained very little search engine “stop words”. As you can see SEO Copywriting is not difficult, but you have to know what you are doing to make it effective and enjoyable for your clients to read. You don’t want a bunch of nonsense on the screen.

What type of topics can you write for?

Basically you chose the topics that you want us to write for. If you sell ice cream, and a new flavor came out called, “Peanut Butter Heaven” – then that would be the topic that we write on. You can also choose the title for the article, and write some ideas of which direction you want the article to go in, ie – Its my favorite ice cream, or I don’t like Peanut Butter Heaven, etc.. – We will, however, tweak your ideas for maximum SEO effectiveness, and provide you with a reason of why we are changing the initial layout so that it becomes a learning experience for you.