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We take a holistic approach to performing search engine optimization (SEO) services for its clients. We do not focus on a single aspect of SEO. Rather, our method involves employing several methodologies in areas we continually find important in getting every site top rankings. That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach to how we provide SEO to our clients.

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To get your site to rank organically requires a multi-faceted approach that starts with your site. This is known as on-page optimization. The term SEO doesn’t really encompass all that we. A more accurate representation would be Inbound Marketing, meaning we do what it takes to bring relevant visitors to your website and then turn those visitors into conversions.

Main SEO Factors of focus on when performing SEO for clients:

How our SEO Approach is different:

Inbound Links: Focusing on Diversity, Quality and Quantity of inbound links is very important. in fact, its the most important because it indicates a page’s quality, popularity or status on the web. Website owners have little control over inbound links from other web pages. As an SEO Company, CodeBeastMode will strategize on how we can deep link your websites content all while creating link diversity all over the Internet.

Link Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text that is clickable when a web site links to another web site. As an SEO Professional, we realize the importance of anchor text which is why we use only relevant, high traffic keywords when building links. It’s important to focus on anchor text that contains a page’s targeted keywords in order ot boost a page’s rank.

Site Authority: An often overlooked aspect of SEO is site authority. It’s a calculated process in which our team of SEO professionals looks for relevant web sites with high site authority and then create unique content with the correct mixture of inbound links and keyword-rich anchor text to drive traffic to your website. There are several site-wide factors that measure a domain’s overall level of authority on a topic. Let us worry about how site authority can help your website rank higher in search engines!

HTML Page Titles: Don’t let Google and other search engines write your sites page titles. Search engines normally use the first few words of the first paragraph of content on a page to generate a page title. That’s not what you want. HTML Page titles are currently, and always will be, an important ranking factor when it comes to SEO. An HTML Page Title needs to be unique, relative to the Meta Tag Keywords, Meta Tag Description and the content written on each page within your site. We’ll take care of the keyword research, content analysis and other factors that go into writing HTML page titles that rank high in search engines.

SEO Content: In order to rank well for keywords relevant to your business, your content needs to contain them. This is where SEO Copywriting comes into play. As practicing SEO professionals, we know the ins and outs of writing excellent content, not for search engines, but for the people reading the content. The content written for your website is just as important as the design of your website. You don’t want the content on your site to look like it’s been written by a robot.

Fresh Content: One of the hardest parts of SEO and trying to do it yourself is that it needs to be done regularly. As a business owner there is no time to focus on SEO. Search engines have methods of determing when content was written. Google finds and displays the freshest content on the web. You need to keep content on your website fresh.

Site Speed: Google and other search engines use site speed as a factor in their page ranking algorithm. The amount of time a website takes to load should be around 5 seconds. There are plenty of site speed testing tools to check this number. As part of your SEO strategy, CodeBeastMode will focus on ensuring your code is fully optimized, all images are tagged correctly and anything unnecessary on your site is removed.

Geo Targeted Keywords & Keyword Phrases: Your business has customers living in more than one area. Its important to make sure that when someone types in a keyword phrase with a geographic location that your company shows up first in the search engine. We utilize important SEO factors to ensure that your company will rank higher than your competitors in search engines for geo targeted keywords.

  • Participating in “Link Schemes” – A link scheme is any type of links of low quality from a site that has little or no relevancy to the page it’s linking to and/or contains large amounts of links to other sites that are not relevant.
  • Using unauthorized programs to submit pages or check rankings.
  • Hidden Text and Hidden Links
  • Cloaking or Sneaky re-directs
  • Keyword Spamming / Using irrelevant keywords on pages to manipulate search results.

We provide a completely rounded selection of search engine optimization services that are designed to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website. Contact us now for a free consultation!