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CMS, a acronym for “Content Management System” is a platform on which a website and/or blog is built. Rather than having to build the code for various common components from scratch, CMS allows designers to take full advantage of its open source development. Open source simply means the platform and its add-ons are available for any qualified developer to review and update. This means a constantly evolving technology, up-to-date with the latest in Internet functionality.

It also means the ability to build original, quality sites which stand-out from the crowd. Since there are hundreds of components integrate-able with the platform, no two sites have to be alike. Owners and designers have the freedom to fashion a new concept without having to reinvent the wheel.

cms web design - CMS Web Design

Advantages of using a CMS:

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  • Freedom of choice. No site must follow the flock. Each one can be unique as the person behind it.
  • CMS intrinsically merge practically every basic SEO requirement
  • Content is accessible and editable wherever an Internet connection is present
  • No advanced technical knowledge is necessary to make changes


CMS Web Design & Development Services:

CMS is a powerful yet simple tool to implement and maintain a website and/or blog. Because it employs a user-friendly interface, making changes is easy and intuitive. Once a CMS site is live, the owner can update or edit content according to their own schedule without having to ever touch or alter one line of code. Read our blog article, How to choose the right CMS system. for more information.

WordPress Design

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WordPress is an open source Content Management System or CMS which uses a MySQL database and PHP scripting. These two components when combined provide a faster, better experience for website visitors. This is because PHP is a “server-side” based scripting language, meaning the things that make it work are stored remotely. Therefore, website visitors inputting or interacting with a webpage see the results almost immediately through their browser rather than having to rely on their computer to render the results.

If you are in need of a CMS which uses the latest technologies and is one of the easiest to work with without technical knowledge, WordPress is an ideal solution for you and your business.

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