Hi, I’m Chris Quinn, a An All Around WordPress & Web Ninja with over 7 years in SEO, 10 years in web development, and 7 years in social media marketing. Our main goal is to make your company grow.

I have been boosting search engine rankings through the use of custom tailored SEO strategies that are built uniquely for each and every client. We don’t cookie-cutter anything here. We have built this company to produce results-driven website design & SEO services at a time when business spending in advertising has decreased.

My goal is to provide professional web development, SEO, social media marketing and content management to small businesses, individuals & anyone else needing a website.

The main goal is to create a great experience for you and your clients. These factors will convert to greater profitability, better brand recognition and long term market reach for your company. 

E-mail: chris@codebeastmode.com